Listening to singer-songwriter Jane Lui’s music is like watching a Michel Gondry film. There's a whimsical, homemade feel that's inventive, magical, & intimate. Handmade music boxes, found objects, percussion pipes, and cardboard boxes, all a part of a handcrafted sound that makes her music enduring and lovable. It began this way often enough - “You’re poor in college -- don’t have stuff, so you make it up. I'm can be pretty shy and learned that I feel most earnest and outgoing in music. More than anything, I want to make authentic stuff." 

"I spent a lot of time in my room listening to the radio. That’s where I started singing, made imaginary friends, and occasionally got electrocuted. I was a class clown for a while - lied, cheated, teachers had nothing good to say about me EXCEPT my music teacher." Jane was chosen to conduct the class choir in fourth grade!
Little Jane
Jane is classically trained in piano & voice, yet her voice is husky & soulful. It’s not a story of growing up listening to Stevie Wonder and Beatles. "Assimilating to western culture as a teen meant I lacked any historical context of american pop, everything was surprise and I absorbed music randomly & openly: Allison Krauss, Bjork, Michael Jackson, Brazilian jazz circus music, all at the same time."
Showcased at CMJ, critics liken her to Cat Power, Fiona Apple, and Rufus Wainwright. She has opened for Jason Mraz, Kate Earl, Jim Bianco, & Vienna Teng. Her latest record, Goodnight Company, was nominated for Best Recording in San Diego Music Awards 2011.
This record, Goodnight Company, was co-produced with Aaron Bowen (San Diego). With her loyal YouTube following (Channel "Luieland" - 3.5M) and a DIY spirit, she raised over $11,600 directly from her fans through to fund the album. "My fans made me responsible!" Bursts of electronica, funk, old-timey, & folk give away her eclectic influences with uses of melotron, dixieland jazz, field recordings, gospel choirs, and music boxes.

The 2-disc album contains a short film on DVD format: Making of Goodnight Company, which explains their production processes with a look into her personal life that explains the difference from the two previous albums.
Jane has toured US East & West coasts, Canada, Sydney (AU), London (UK), Japan.

Walt Disney Concert Hall (Los Angeles)
Ford Amphiteatre (Los Angeles)
The Shrine (Los Angeles)
Zellerbach Hall (UC Berkeley)
Hotel Cafe (Los Angeles)
Cafe Du Nord (San Francisco)
Rockwood Music Hall (New York)
Colleges such as: Carnigie Mellon University, Boston University, UC San Diego, UCLA, UC Berkeley, UC Riverside.
Channel "Luieland" - 3.5 Million Views
Duet with Felicia Day on mashup: Payphone & Some Day My Prince Will Come
Cartoon Medley (w/ Paul Dateh) & History of Non-lyrics with CDZA were a part of Virgin America's In-Flight entertainment.
"Amazingly Sexy..." - CityBeat
"Lui is a thinker..." - San Diego Troubadour
"...introspective, elegant, tremendous vocal talent..." - San Diego Music Matters
"...Quirky yet undeniably charming personality.. an absolute must-hear." - 944 Magazine